If you are a looking to live an unforgettable experience where your mind, body, and spirit will renew from the inside out. The Yäan Wellness place in Tulum, México a spectacular and authentic spa. Their services provide spa treatments, healing waters, eco cabins, juices therapy, temazcal, yoga, and meditation. A magnificent bohemian place where you will experience the magic of the Mexican culture with their organic ingredients during the wellness treatments.

1424441804-18-Yaan_Wellness_TulumThe daily routines in our lives do not allow us to disconnect from the world. However, this unique place has all the amenities and services to help you increase your well-being. Imagine your dream vacations at Yäan Wellness where you will wake up in a place surround of nature, enjoying a spa with water from the cenotes, a hammam, massages pools with hot and cold water.

The place where your mind will experience peace and harmony. During the day you could join a yoga class or meditation. Two powerful practices that lower the stress and increase well-being. One of the special rituals from the Yäan is the temazcal a spiritual Mexican ceremony known as cabanas sweating.

The ritual starts during the sunset and is guided by the lunar calendar. The Mayas healers who have the experience are the ones in charge of the ritual using organic herbs, music, and sacred mantras. The temazcal takes about 2.5 hours and you have the option to experience it in a private or in group session.

The temazcal purpose is to help the nervous system, detoxication of the body, the connection with your soul and mother Earth. If I could close my eyes and imagine this scenario my skin, eyes, and senses will be in a euphoric state of peace.


Yaan_Spa_2014_SB_020Another unique service the Yäan Wellness have is Dr. Bobby Klein. He use the method of energetic healing and path counseling. You will have the option to live this journey to the fullest with the guide of professional masters.  With my heart I recommend this authentic spa because it provides everything that help us put in balance our mind, body, and spirit.

Moreover, you can experience Yäan Wellness with your couple because this incredible place has the treatments for it. For example; couple divine a ritual using sensual flowers, Mayan cacao body wrap, and honey. Also, the Yäan have the eco cabins if both decide to have more privacy providing all the materials for the massages and rituals.

Other services are juice therapy helping with our health. Thinking in this place makes me want to book it for my next vacations. It is a whole world of wellness, once your body and mind feel the results, the addiction will become this magic place Yäan Wellness.

If you decide to  experience the Yäan Wellness we will share the link of the spa so you can know more about their details, bookings, and rituals. Forbes, Vogue, and New York Times Magazine have had written about this spectacular spa a place of energy and healing.


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“Meditation is meeting eternity in the present moment. It is resolving every problem as it comes. It is resolving every tension as it creeps in. It is facing the challenges of life in a non-fearful way.” ~Vimala Thakar



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