This fabulous luxury spa in Bali, Indonesia is one of the finest of all over the world. Do you know why? It has exclusive treatments using natural botanical ingredients, an incredible Aquatonic Seawater pool that provides health benefits such as lymphatic drainage and detoxification. The ocean view of this place is breathtaking with fascinating gardens surrounded by nature.

Your next holidays should be in Ayana Bali spa enjoying a bath full with petal of flowers, ocean view and with a fabulous Balinese oil massage leaving you with glowing skin. Sounds like a dream and once you know more about this phenomenal spa your dream will come true.


It is exciting to talk about this marvelous spa. The first thing that surprised me was their Aquatonic seawater pool because it has 60 therapeutic jet streams, 12 hydromassages stations, and geysers to rehabilitate injured muscles. Aside of providing relaxation, this Aquatonic seawater pool has positive benefits for the health. For example; it increase the metabolism, the lymphatic drainage and reduced muscle tension.

In a few words to live the whole experience you should try this Aquatonic Seawater pool at the Ayana Bali spa. Even better, their spa offers Aquatonic happy hour with the 15% discount and it is before August 31, 2017.



Did you imagined a spa that will provide you so many benefits for your mind and health? Ayana Bali spa is designed to capture the people with the Balinese culture using natural botanical ingredients in their signature treatments such as; citric fruits inside their baths.

The Ayana spa has the treatment of 7 Chakra Dhara. The chakras are a center of energy in a specific part of the body. This unique treatment has the influence of Ayurveda traditions that are Hindu systems with natural herbs medicine, and aromatherapy to stimulates the chakras.

The purpose of this treatment is to renew the entire body increasing your energy, well-being, and relaxation. As well, in this spa exist a magic place named Enchanted Forest, specially design to reduced stress. In this Enchanted forest they apply the Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi massage. It is a technique of massage that starts with a prayer and a blessing.

The Ayana Bali spa possesses treatments for the entire body, face and the spirit. This special treatment name is Global Anti-aging. After you finish this treatment you will feel rejuvenated from the inside out. The treatment duration is 2.5 hours providing anti-oxidants oils massage for the skin, a bath of fruits critics and an anti-aging facial. They use Thermes Maring Global anti-aging products with their base ingredients marine collagen.

If you will like to experience culture rituals the Ayana spa has the exotic bamboo massage that is with essential oils and a bamboo tool to roll all over the body. The feeling of smoothness with this massage will be mind-blowing. Furthermore, have you ever heard about spa thalassotherapy? Well, Ayana has the privilege to count with it. The thalassotherapy is an underwater massage giving an uplifting sensation of wellness and relaxation.

Spa-Wellness-Ayana-Aquatonic-with-model-1024x682Further, another energizing service from Ayana spa is the stress release package that includes a full body scrub, a splash of yogurt for the body , yoga and meditation. Also, for anyone who enjoys outdoors they have a sunset fun run. Next to the beach, with the feel of the breeze, the sand, and with a spectacular view.

Another fantastic package is the exotic balinese, that provides Indonesian cooking classes with the taste of Jamu a herbal tea medicinal that contain flowers. Wow! It is a cultural experience and the best of it is the way you will feel; rejuvenated, renewed and in harmony.

The environment of this marvelous spa will take us to an incredible state of serenity. The best is yet to come and one of my favorite treatments of Ayana is the Dazzling Pearl. This experience will leave the body and mind totally renew. It starts with a foot massage therapeutic, a body scrub with golden pearls that helps to remove dead cells of your skin and a balinese massage with essentials oils. It is breathtaking the results of your skin, to make it even better they provide Diamond Miracle a fabulous bath with petal of red roses.


Additional, it is optional if you want to enjoy it with the taste of strawberries and champagne during your bath. My personal recommendation during this treatments is to totally be engage in the present moment. Allowing your mind delights from the taste, the silk skin, and the ocean waves sound. A peaceful moment where problems and negativity will not be present. The Ayana spa affords the perfect environment because allow us to experience a sensational state of well-being, beauty and luxury with their uniqueness of balinese culture and traditions.


“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique”      

 -Martha Graham

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