Now, it is not necessary to have a long orange robe and live in the high mountains of Tibet, as monks do to gain the benefits of meditation. We could all experience them, training our minds through meditation and doing it anywhere. All you need is your mind, body and soul.

It would be great if each one of us, in our modern world, could learn the qualities of spiritual practices and use them as a benefit to our daily lives. Many people have asked me, “How do you practice meditation?” The first thing I recommend is to have the intention to learn and be open to experiencing the connection with God through this spiritual method.


Find a quiet place where you can relax, breathe deeply and begin meditation. My recommendation would be a place in contact with nature. However, it is a personal choice, but the environment should help you during your practice. Each of us is unique, so choose the type of meditation that fits the most for you.

Moreover, there are different kinds of meditations. For example; Meditation of breath, transcendental, guided and mantras. Mantras are the repetition of a specific word with a deep meaning. On the other hand, the time we put into practice is personal, but in my personal experience if you want to see and feel the results should become a daily routine or even better a lifestyle.

The benefits of meditation are less stress, a decrease in anxiety, feelings of joy, awareness and peace. There are positive physical changes in our nervous system when we meditate because it brings our body into a mode of relaxation.If you have never done it is a good opportunity to experience wellbeing and the spas provide meditation sessions for beginners.

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divinity within you.” 
―Amit Ray 


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