Italy a country where not only their food is fabulous! The Borgo-Egnazia luxury hotel has one of the world’s best spas named the Vair Spa. I never imagined that a place like this could exist! Its design interiors with candles, warm lights, soft robes, essential oils and a therapy room with white marble bathrooms made me feel peaceful!


This spa is like heaven, does not it? but why is this place so wonderful? It is because you can have treatments in a deeper way through a detoxification from the inside out. How? Well, your psycho-physical program has all the rituals and therapeutic artists that will help you, by the time you finish your Vair spa program you feel that you are floating. This program is designed for all those looking for a renewal of emotional and physical stress.


Moreover, the program has special baths made by the Romans called tepidarium, frigidarium, and caldarium. They are rituals that use salt water and mud to clean toxins from the skin. The best of this program is called Aquann which is a floating pool that works with gravity.

Aquann is a place where allow your mind to disconnect from everything negative, filling you with serenity and peace. This will help you to have a deeper connection with yourself. Then the program has Vair K baths where you can use hot-cold water baths, sauna, and exfoliations.

In addition, it has psycho-aromatherapy focused on creating immediate well-being through aromas. Even better this program has Avaste a ritual of Chinese medicine where you are placed hot glasses for suck in parts of the body to help the circulation.

If you fancy a full day of spa you have these options of packages that are called, spa day aragio, ble, verd, and ross. Each with specific and unique rituals. In the spa page that I am going to share you come the details of each package.

Furthermore, I saved the best for the last! this authentic place has therapeutic artists. Wow! Something I’ve never seen in a spa before. I’m so excited to tell you more about it! Well, I’ll start by talking about a psychologist, musician and composer named Gianni Rotondo. In his therapies has special sounds like mantras to help you meditate.

Now, close your eyes, visualize yourself in a room full of candles, lying on a massage bed and listening to a music of dazzling sounds. This has been one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. I never imagined that the sound of therapeutic music could have so many benefits for my mental health.


What original this spa that has a hair doctor, in charge of helping to have a harmony with your physique. Continuing with our therapeutic artists, the Pugliano artist named Giuseppe focuses on empowering our body language. This therapy generates a freedom of expression through dance.

If you are looking for a place where you can renew yourself in a deep and artistic way. Do not hesitate to visit Vair Spa with its beautiful marble designs and therapies will make you feel in heaven.

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-Dee Hock

Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2017

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